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September 14, 2009


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Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Dear Sweet amada! I LOVED meeting you and hubby this weekend, I knew I would like you, but you are so sweet, I adore you!!! I am sending you over the pic of us that tim took, I am going to post it too, it's really cute!! I sure hope you and kim come to atlanta, let's try to book our flights together if possible!! We'll see each other before then certainly!!
xoxo, Tiffany


I think Tiffany is trying to apply peer pressure on that Atlanta trip... :)

Didn't you just love Tiff and Deb? They are so fabulous!!! I wish I would have been able to shop the show in Mill Creek - maybe next time. Thanks (tim) for the fabulous photos!


Debi Ward Kennedy

Amada, you are just the sweetest thing! I was soooooo out of it that day, I can't believe we stood there and chatted and never took a photo of all three of us, either! sigh.

I think it is so funny that you say you have been following me... I've been positively drooling over your beautiful creations in Faded Elegance and Common Folk for quite some time, and pop in here every once in a while. SO I am wondering why it took us so long to meet? (We missed each other at the Faded Elegance grand opening when I was taking all of the photos of the event, too!)Life is amazing...

Becky Swartzlander

Hey there, you have been the busiest of bees lately! I love everything you posted! That piano is to die for! I wish I lived somewhere close to all these wonderful places!!! Becs

Amada Lebel

I can't believe we have never met either. Like I said, I bought a lamp of yours awhile ago at Faded Elegance and have been in love with your things ever since. You are so creative! Next time the three of us will have to pose for a picture - the heat mush have gotten to us. I had my camera too, go figure. I am so excited to now have a face to go with the name.
Much Love,


How terrific.

Wouldn't you think that we'd have SOMETHING fabulous like this SOMEWHERE in Connecticut?!

But, no ... we have to travel to NYC to find such treasures - and in NY, they're priced as real treasures, too! LOL

Looks like a great day.

I have seen the piano before, but it really is worthy of another peek!

Gina Smith

Oh my gosh-what great pics! I have got to come back and read more. I just got a glimpse of your Etsy-heading there next. PS- I am making a 4 x 4 girly book for myself with art from friends. Would love it if you would consider adding a page in the "treat bag," and let me know if you want me to send you one.

Amada Lebel

Thanks, that sounds great I will get started next week. I think we're going to be buds!!!

Deb Kennedy

Amada, darling, I have some good news for you..... email me ASAP, won't you? ( Do hurry. It has to do with a certain French-style sofa.... ;0)

Cynthia Kutra

Amada ~ Thanks for taking me along via photos to all of the booths. Only problem is it sets a yearning in me to want 3/4 of all those items. Especially appreciate you showing the incredible piano--I've never seen it and am so thrilled I've seen it now. Such creativity--it is too wondrous--so now I'm yearning for an old piano to embellish!!

Blessings to you....

Cynthia K.

cindy at haley's cottage

Thanks for posting such great pictures.

Cindy @ haleys cottage

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