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January 31, 2010


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Tristan Robin

omg - these are just ADORABLE! ... especially the cupids in the cart. I just love them.

... one of these days ...!


Oooh these are the posts I love, so much wonderful eye candy! I espescially love that black cat...

Can't wait to see your AIW crown!



Good to see you too this last weekend too!

I'm anxious to see YOUR Alice in Wonderland crown, as I am making one too! I just set it aside to look at and decide what to add,,etc. Needs a bit more tweaking. That is so funny that you are doing one too! I finished a Cake Topper for the same customer yesterday with an "Alice theme." Both are for a 13yo Birthday,,The cake topper just fell together, the crown,,,,ackk, I think the creative fairies went out of town! Maybe there in your neck of the woods, if so please send them BACK!!!! I need to get these done and shipped to Texas in a couple of days.

The "Alice" cake topper is in my sidebar of Bungalow Bling
That is SUCH a mouthfull! LOL

Love your Valentine goodies,,so sweet! Happy Crafting and see or talk to you soon!


The husband

Nice work, honey, these look great. I especially like the music paper backgrounds in the photos! I will be home you


The images in these creations are great. Love the cat especially and the cherubs are delightful. I have lots to catch up on with you! :)

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