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April 30, 2010


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A Gift Wrapped Life

Looks like it was all worth the bus ride Amada. That was quite the trip and I bet you are buzzing with creativity. I am living in the wrong country.....all the girly fun is on your side. Much love XO


What an adorable post! You post are always so fun and intriguing. lol What fun. I really did have a blast! It was so exciting for me to meet you. You are just amazing! I am so glad you are going to try to attend my Marie event. I will be crossing my fingers every day until then! Your amazing!


Francie T

Oh Amada! I can one up you ... I was traveling from New Jersey to Shreveport, LA. We had a layover in Atlanta, GA. I had an auntie who lived in Atlanta, TEXAS and was thinking I would take a taxi from the airport to her house. Not even a bus ride would have gotten me there LOL.

You had a wonderful adventure and we are all so happy you made it to the reception. Your photos and story are wonderful. My photos, mmmm not so much LOL. (())

Valarie Kraft

Amada....It looks amazing. I am so jealous of you. Okay, not for the bus part, but the rest seems to have made up for that. Your pictures are beautiful, and the projects? Amazing also.
I am so glad you had so much fun.
xxoo Valarie

Julie Ann

LMAO!! :)
Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love them and the story you told!!
I miss you sooo much!! Love you lots! :)


Rolling in laughter over here. Your photo of the old Greyhound bus is so perfect. The pictures are really beautiful - you did a great job capturing the colors and confectionary feel. But really, reading the story is the best. Can't wait to see your projects in person. Glad to have you back in one piece from Atlanta/Savannah.

Sherry Williams

Dear Sweet Amada...what a wonderful post!! You are so funny & cute & I will never forget when you came dragging in the door of our hotel room. You were so frazzled yet still so upbeat! You looked beautiful at our dinner & no one would ever know that you had spent the last few hours sitting next to the restroom on the Greyhound bus!!You & Julie Ann were the best roomies in the world! I can't wait to do it all again! The picture of the bear or cat is priceless, the ride to the E.R. with me slinging you all over the car, the dance you did when my phone started ringing, stuffing our faces with pizza(every night) me freezing you to death the 1st night, when I thought I turned the thermostat up but I had actually turned it down to 61, our discussions about our cats & on & on,all make me laugh out loud! The pictures you posted are beautiful & so are you! help me!!

LuLu Kellogg

Hi Amanda~
I wasn't able to attend the event but I sent some press kits down. I am so glad everyone had a wonderful time. Savannah is where I got married...isn't that just the most magical place? Your pictures were just wonderful! I am having the best time looking at everyone's photos since I couldn't go :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
LuLu Kellogg~*

JoAnn S

Amanda, it looks like you had a blast!!! so much fun. just forget about the bus ride lol. yikes. jealous here, but glad you had fun!!! hugs JoAnn S


Dearest Amada! Meeting you was one of the highlights of the trip! You have a talent as big as the sea! Keep shining!
Much love


OMG!! I am SOOOOO glad you finally made it, and you didn't miss a thing!! IT would not have been the same without you. Yes, you say atlanta, we say savannah, but in the end, we all say a GREAT TIME!!
love you!
xoxo, Tiffany

Jodie (everything vintage)

Oh Amada...
This was an AWESOME post about the wonderful weekend!!! You summed up everything so perfectly that I think I'll quit posting about it and just send everyone over here to read about it!!!! :)
Seriously did you fit all of that into ONE post?
I'm still sitting here with my mouth open thinking of your terrible bus excursion...poor little you! I thought I was hearing the story wrong because of my ahem...mixed drink...but were serious!
You are just the cutest little thing and I'm so glad that I got to meet you in ONE piece! haha
I still haven't opened my suitcase with all my goodies in it yet. Maybe this weekend IF I can get my butt off of this computer and quit being so nosey!!!! haha
I loved meeting you have a very sweet spirit that I just love to pieces!!!!!


Amada...I am sitting here laughing my head off...too funny! I have a friend that has lived here in Macon Ga. for most of her life and she still thinks you have to go thru Atlanta to get to Florida.
I am so glad that I got to meet you on vendor night and wished our tables would have been closer so that I could have heard all abt. your trip. Hopefully I will get to room with you 3 next time.

Shelley Overholt

What a great story for your blog! The pictures turned out great and I am flattered that my peekabo petticoat made your blog! Hope you are doing good!


I had the most fun reading about your time at P&P. The pics are great!
I truly wish I could have been there.



HI Amada! Great photos... and I still giggle about Atlanta... holy smokes!!


Jennifer Hayslip

Amada, Oh sweetie pie...Where do I even start? hee! hee! My heart felt SO heavy for you when Tiffany told me you flew into Atlanta. After so many hours of traveling I felt SO awful for you. However, I must admit you were a TROOPER girl!!! That did not stop you one bit! I am SO glad you attended and a wonderful and memorable time! Your vendor table was nothing but STUNNING! Your talent is just beyond!!! I *WORSHIP* my crown you gave me and I have a very special place for it in my home.
Thank you sweet friend for being a very special part of our magical weekend! Love to you, XOXO Jenn

Joanna {sweet finds}

Hey Amada,
It was great meeting you! It's hard to believe a week has passed, already.

I think I went through a mini depression when I got home. Five days of being with fun spirited gals... and then boom, it's over. :( But I'm feeling more like myself now & in a very creative mood. Love the mini boxes you created in the post below. I'm inspired to try one... but the theme is a surprise. I'll have to let you know how it comes out.

Also, I am definitely going to Cassi's "Marie" event in Feb. Bryanna & Sherry are going too. And you know, Jenn Hayslip will be teaching. I hope you decide to come along. Knowing Cassi.. the details will be AMAZING!

Let's keep in touch!
hugs, Joanna


Amada - it was so nice to meet you!! Glad you made it with all the craziness you endured to get there!! GReat post!

Maija Lepore

Hi Amanda! I found you through Christine's blog, and I am so glad I did! I love you photo tour through Parasols and Petticoats- it was hard for me to be there! I love Sherry too! Come to my blog and be my friend for a giveaway!!

Maija Lepore

I'm so sorry - it's Amada! You think with a name like "Maija" I would take extra time to make sure I spell people's names correctly! ox

Nicole Gibson-Rice

Girl you are a nut!! My mom and I loved meeting you and I have told all my friends about your adventures! That is just too darn funny! Hope all is well. I'm going in search of your Martha Stewart magazine this weekend. I can't wait to tell folks that I know you! :D Just remember when you're famous not to forget the little gals. ;P Hahahahahhahahahaha!


PS: Congrats on the DIY! You go Grrrl!!

Sylvia Smith

Amada, I just love your blog and your beautiful work. You have some awesome pics of the event. I hope to see you again at another art event. Love, Sylvia

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