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February 08, 2011


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Amada, this made my night (which has so far been very long because of needing to stay up to reach Penny after her class). Your work is exquisite. I kept looking over and over at the photo for all the little details. I am sure the lucky lady to win will be thrilled. Sorry you can't go - I know how you were looking forward to seeing friends and participating in Marie-merry-making. Hope all goes well in LA.

Julie Ann

Sooooooo beautiful!!!! I love it!!! I'd love it more if you were going to be there- hehe :) I will miss you girl, but we will see each other soon at another event! Love & Hugs!


I am so sorry to hear that you will not be able to attend. I hope all is well.

OMG, this is so beautiful!!!!

Take care,

Valarie Kraft

I am so sorry that you are not going to be able to attend. I wish I could go and win your beautiful egg, but luck was not my lady!! I hope you have fun in LA. xXOO Valarie

Angela Howard

You are not alone. I paid for the retreat last year the first day she posted it, planned my road trip (I live in las Vegas) and in October I had a serious financial set back with my doggie that made me have to cancel.

This is a beautiful door prize.


Amada I am so so sad you can not make it! You will be greatly missed. I really appreciate your kind gesture of sending this lovely creation of yours to be raffled off. I hope everything turns out ok with your family.


Sherry Williams

It's gorgeous, Amada! We will really miss you and think about you the entire time.

hugs, Sherry

Slavica at Seductively French

how wonderful! great detail!

Becky Swartzlander

Oh Amada! I was so looking forward to meeting you. I am sad that you are unable to attend. Maybe I can meet you one day at another event. You are such an inspiration! Hope all goes well with you, take care! And what a beautiful Faberge Egg!!! It is OVER THE TOP!!! (LOL) Becs


Amada, I just want to say your egg was even more stunning in person. I am sad to report I will not be taking it home with me. But Lulu will give it an awesome home. Becs

Valarie Kraft

I saw that Lulu won your fabulous egg, and I couldn't be happier!! What a lucky girl. xxoo Valarie

Heidi Meyer

Your egg is AMAZING!! The details are so decadent and intricate. What a lucky girl!!


Hello amanda ~ Hope you are well, we missed you at the Marie event...I'm sure you've seen the fun we were up to - amazing! I wanted to let you know that this little egg was just fabulous, I'm sad i didn't win, but Lulu will keep it safe and treasure it!

xo Heidi

JEn WAlker

Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you for your detailed work.

Miami eye doctors

Look so delicate and fragile, I'm afraid to watch it, if it breaks, absolutely fantastic, how meticulous and so well created, lovely, this thing makes my day more happy.

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